What is Bigo Live

Bigo Live TV online - free downloadBIGO LIVE TV is the most popular broadcasting app on mobile platforms like iOS and Android where you can start your own live streaming and watching enjoyable show of talented musicians or performers. You can join BIGO LIVE to win over popularity and collect prizes from your audiences.

Many star broadcasters using the application to interact with fans from all over the world, these include YouTube celebrities and Facebook Idols to become top influencers in a new trend of broadcasting. You can join and connecting with millions of users to become the next superstar in digital world.

Watch live broadcasting from your mobiles, PC and Mac and wherever you are! You can invite your friend to co-host your broadcast. BIGO LIVE can be rewarding, you can win diamonds, beans and prizes through online and offline activities. You can exchange your beans to money!

BIGO LIVE Connector – BIGO LIVE TV – Live Streaming – broadcast anything and anywhere. Make interesting people – make friends worldwide. Real-time interaction – engage with your audience on LIVE sessions. The most popular live broadcasting in Asia Pacific i.e Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos.

Personal live broadcasting is more than an ordinary social network application where it allow user to exhibit and get excited with hidden talents of its new found friends. It’s a new trend of digital social life as anyone can broadcast their activities at any place anytime.

The application is available in many platforms such as

  • Bigo Live Apk for Android
  • Bigo live for iOS
  • Bigo live for Blackberry
  • Bigo live for macOS
  • Bigo live for Windows Phone
  • Bigo live for PC

BIGO LIVE, your TV broadcast today, earn money and rejoice!