Bigo Live App

Bigo Live app is a live broadcasting application for Android apk, Google PlayStore and iOS. It brings new trend of personal live broadcasting much popular than other video streaming in the social network. Broadcast your life to your audience, show your talents and interests while earning prizes and money. Co-hosting a live broadcast with your good friends.

Bigo live mobile app – sample screen shot from iOS on iPhone 6s.

Live Broadcasting while tattooing… or relax and show your beauty or just cute and pretty.

Bigo live app screen-shot Bigo live app screen-shotBigo live app screen-shot Bigo live app screen-shot

People do real time interactions like singing, dancing, cooking, dating, eating and let audience enjoy! While you can enjoy virtual gifts and bonuses in form of Bigo beans that can convert to money.

Here you can find the links to the latest versions of BIGO LIVE app.

Download BIGO live for free on your preferred platforms, you can find the links to mobile platforms here to iOS and Android. Watch BIGO live a free broadcasting on BIGO LIVE TV website to enjoy bigger screen as your big monitor.


  • Start Broadcasters: to interact with stars from all over the world
  • Numerous fans: connecting millions of users, BIGO LIVE help you become NEXT STAR!!
  • Live Broadcasting: watch and broadcast with your phone whenever and wherever
  • Virtual gifts: Various cool and unique gifts are ready. Show your passion, send Roadsters to broadcasters!
  • Guest LIVE: invite your friends to co-host your broadcast
  • Rewarding Activities: win diamonds, beans and prizes
  • Beans to Money: Exchange your beans to money


  • No freedom of expression: you make money but if you cross the line, you’re out
  • The ‘rules’ may be a little unrealistic
  • Some users streaming their wall, sleeping, copyrighted movies, an empty chair
  • Some users complain slow down their J7 phone CPU

Please note Bigo Live reserves the right to block anyone who violated their community rules. Pornographic, abusive or harmful content is banned for the harmony.